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Medway Air Ambulance has transported over 10,000 patients worldwide since 1987. Utilizing state of the art medical equipments, and the most experienced medical personnel available. No distance is too far, and no transport is too difficult for Medway Air Ambulance.

Medway Air Ambulance handles all arrangements for you. From obtaining Insurance approvals to arranging ground ambulance transports from hospital to airport and airport to hospital. ONE CALL DOES IT ALL.

The Medway Air Ambulance is available to serve your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether those needs are a commercial escort or an ICU transport. Our staff of experienced flight coordinators, medical personnel, and pilots are standing ready and ready to serve you.

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This email is to thank you for the wonderful care that my dad, Joel Lambert, received during the air transport from Wellington Regional Medical Center to NY-Presbyterian Hospital. Everyone from the ground ambulance crews at both ends, to the pilots, and to the critical care team was extremely professional as well as caring. I especially want to thank the critical care team, Frank and Steve, for being so on-the-ball with every aspect of my dad's care. Even though my background includes over 20 years in Emergency Medicine, taking care of my dad in a crisis situation was extremely challenging and I felt supported and felt my dad was in excellent and knowledgeable hands at all times. They were amazing from the time they showed up at the hospital in Florida until the drop off in NY Hospital.

Thanks again!

Rick Lambert, MD
-Apr 23, 2014